Ana Amari Beret

Print Time: 35 Minutes

Post-Production: 3 Hours

I’ve been a fan of Overwatch since beta, so it’s no surprise my next project is more Overwatch cosplay. This time I tackled Ana Amari’s “Captain Amari/Horus” skin, specifically the emblem on her beret.

I printed it on my Lulzbot Mini at .1 layer height and 50% infill. Why the high infill? I wanted to give it more weight and stability so that it can be worn around without issues.


As always, I put on XTC 3D and let it cure for 8 hours.


Once fully cured, I sanded it starting with 220 sandpaper. In between sanding, I sprayed with a flat red primer. I don’t usually like to use filler primer for small details.


I eventually worked up to 1200 grit sandpaper. One last coat of primer and it’s time to paint!

Last step was to assemble the pin. I created an inset circle in TinkerCAD and then used Starbond to attach the pin backing.


All done!

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