D.va MEKA hat

This is one of the first projects where I tackled on the entire process from 3D modeling to making casts from molds.

I outlined the shape in Adobe Illustrator.


I imported it in Maya and usd it as a guide for the 3D model. Once it was ready, it was time to print.


Below is what it looked like in Simplify 3D, which is a slicer software I use to prep 3D models for printing. It took me about 10 iterations before I was happy with the design and scale.


Here’s what it looked like fresh off the print bed on my Mini. I printed it with eSun ABS at .15 layer height and 30% infill.


The 3D print was then sanded, polished and prepped for moldmaking. If you’d like to read about my process in greater detail, check out my guide on finishing ABS prints here:¬† Most of the time was spend sanding between layers of filler primer.


I 3D printed a mold box that contoured the shape instead of creating one from foamboard. This saves some silicone, and I can also re-use it. I went with Mold Star 20T for the silicone this time due to its super fast cure time.


Once the silicone had cured, it was time for the first cast!


The intial color test took me over 30 casts of mixing dyes to match the reference. The green sections are poured first with the dyed SmoothCast 300. After that’s cured, the SmoothCast ONYX is poured on top.


The baseball cap I’m using is curved at the front though, and I’m using a rigid urethane resin. Using a heat gun (thanks to @inspireprops for this suggestion!), I warmed up the emblems and then conformed them over a roll of duct tape. This way the backing curves along with the hat shape.


I sand the back a bit then pour a small amount of adhesive. Once it’s glued and cured (I use thick superglue) it’s ready to wear and fight some omnics!