Genji Oni Mask Cosplay Kit

Total Print Time:  41 Hours

Post-Production: 21 Hours

Available on my Etsy here

For detailed steps on my process, check out some of my guides here:


The supports ended up making the print time super long. In the future I’ll most likely tweak some of these settings


After 41 hours, here’s what it looked like fresh off the bed with supports removed.


First step was adding XTC 3D. Even though it was probably unncessary considering the layer lines were so fine, I still like it for it’s added durability.


It doesn’t get rid of layer 100%, but much better than just sanding directly on the print itself.


Next came the initial sanding with 80 grit.


First coat of primer. It’s looking better, but still a few imperfections to sand out at this stage.


I did a few cycles of sanding > spraying with primer > wet sanding > spraying with primer etc. It began to take shape after the third round of sanding.

Now it’s ready for painting!

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