Mr. Midas

Midas Mode is a unique charity tournament for Dota 2, where everything has a price. The Midas Mode mascot, the dashing Mr. Midas, charges valuable Moonbucks to pick heroes, choose a side, and even pause the game. Teams can earn more Moonbucks by completing challenges suggested by the community. If you run out, you can only pick the least desirable heroes!

The first time I saw Mr. Midas I wanted nothing more than to 3D print him. I eventually caved and asked @hawfstuff if he was comfortable sharing his model, and he was nice enough to oblige!

I loaded the original .OBJ into Simplify 3D and did the first test print with supports at .2 layer height.


The first test print came out mediocre. It was good enough as a novelty. However, the quality in certain areas was wanting. I didn’t like that I had to use supports which caused some loss of detail.


Having the luxury of the source model, I decided to go back to Blender to export the eyes, hat, bowtie, backpack, and arm as separate .STLs. It definitely increased the post-production time though, but the quality ended up speaking for itself.

I took it one step further and split the models in half. This removes any overhang, effectively eliminating the need for supports.

If you’re curious about how I finish my prints, check out my guides.


A lot of sanding, priming, sanding, and sanding some more, all the pieces were ready for final assembly!


I combined each part separately using epoxy glue and a palette knife.


The original intent was to paint him according to the likeness to his illustrated version, but Hawf gave me a great idea to turn it into a trophy.

After some polishing with 2000 grit, I spray painted him with several coats of Rust-oleum brand gold (with time in between to dry).

Here he is in his golden glory!


Credit to @SirActionSlacks for the concept and @HawtKoffee for the 3D model.


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