Pyra’s Crown

This started out as a custom commission to create Pyra’s crown from the Xenoblade Chronicles.


3D model created by @obsidian_dawn. I used Autodesk Meshmixer to split the crown in half to print it more efficiently.


Here’s how I set up the 3D model in Simplify 3D (the slicer software I use to set up files for 3D printing). The gems were printed separately.



I sanded the two parts that are supposed to connect, then used Weldon #4 and let cure for  72 hours.



I used spot putty to fill in what little gaps there were.


After that it was the usual treatment of 3D prints by dry/wet sanding from 200-1200 grit and spraying with filler primer in between. The gem was polished with compound and a buffing wheel and then turned into a box mold (shown later). I did a lot of test fitting with the gem at each stage of production to make sure it still fit.


After wet sanding up to 1,500, buffing wheel to give a slight polish (no compound though as I didn’t want it to react with the paint).


Before spraying with gold, I sprayed the crown with 2 coats of of glossy black. This helps bring out the color in the next step.


After giving the black a full day to dry, it was time for the first coat gold spray paint.


Here it is after applying the second coat. I waited 48 hours before applying 2 coats of Spray Max 1k clearcoat.


While the crown was curing, I polished and molded the gems. The gems were made with box molds using Mold Star 20T and cast with Smooth Cast 325 and a drop of emerald green dye. I added a spout to the smaller gems so that the customer would have an easier time attaching them to her cosplay. They were easily removeable should they not want them.


After the gem was polished and the crown fully cured, I glued the gem on with epoxy glue.

Finished piece!