Stronghold Key

If you’ve been playing the new pirate-themed multi-player adventure game, Sea of Thieves, you’ll know how important Stronghold Keys are. That’s why I chose it  as my next project!

Total Print Time: 5 Hours 12 Minutes

Total Post-Processing Time: 10 Hours


Fresh off the print bed!


I applied XTC 3D directly onto the print without any preliminary sanding.


The photo below shows what it looks like after the resin has cured (right) and what it looks like after some sanding with 100 grit sandpaper (left).


Next step was to spray it with filler primer. The distinguishing characteristic between regular primer and filler primer is that it actually fills between the cracks and covers some blemishes. I don’t know the science behind the chemical differences, but it definitely adds some body to whatever you’re working on, so keep this in mind when working with small details.


After I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper, I sprayed it with regular primer. I just prefer the texture and look of flat red primer once I’ve used some filler primer.


Once it was polished with 1000~ or so grit sandpaper, it was time to paint. The first base coat was a couple of coats of Montana GOLD spray paint matte 0600, covering around 90% of it. To get the silver portion, I just masked out the parts around the skull. Rust-oleum ‘Aluminum’ spray paint worked for the skull.


The green glow and highlights were painted with a brush and a mix of acrylics.


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