Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker


I have been playing World of Warcraft on and off since launch in 2004. It was an integral part of my teenage years and I even continue to play on and off these days. When I heard vanilla WoW was being launched, I knew I had to create something to commemorate it.

The model can be found here:

If you’re curious about how to assemble large printed parts, check out my guide on assembling multiple 3D printed parts here.


I sanded down the area where the pieces will make contact with other parts, then used epoxy glue.


I put together several chunks at a time, then combined all of the pieces.

All finished! Well, sort of…


Being assembled is all well and good, but there are still quite a few imperfections to get rid of. I’ll be using Free Foam Air to fill in seams and any blemishes. I used a vinyl applicator to



Once the form was closer to what I was looking for, I added some XTC 3D. It’s a resin solution that nestles in between 3D printed striations, effectively cutting down on sanding time (and adding some structural integrity!)


To give the illusion that it’s one piece instead of 12, it was important to sand down the seams.


I would take more photos of me sanding, but it’s not quite as glorious as it seems. This is what it looked like after roughly 50+ hours of work (not including print time!)


I didn’t capture much of the painting process, but it was mostly just masking and using an assortment of spray paints and acrylics.


Last part before adding the effects was to add the ribbons on the handle.


The lightning effects will be added later, but the paint is done!

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