Vampire Kisses Choker

Finished product first!

The reference I used


I started with the bat emblem. The 3D model was created by @pixel2plastic and 3D printed with ABS plastic.


I used a combination of acetone smoothing, sanding, and polishing before molding.

The moldbox was 3D printed for a different project and just happened to fit the emblem. This particular type of mold is called a Box Mold. I prefer Mold Star 20T for projects like this since the cure time is only 30 minutes. It may not have the tensile strength of other platinum silicones, but it cures quickly and I don’t plan on casting in bulk.


Smooth Cast ONYX Fast cures quickly, being fully workable within 15 minutes.


After pulling it out of the mold, but before polishing. I used the same polishing compound that was used on the 3D print master.


Now that the pendant is complete, it’s time for the sewing portion. I used faux leather from @yayahan’s cosplay fabric line and some discount vinyl to add overall sturdiness.



Here’s a close-up of the top stitch.



All the fabric was sewn in place so now I could add the snaps. For extra customization I punched 3 holes total for different sizes.


The extra strip that the bat emblem was held up by was not able to be sewn directly with the choker. It was too high and also way too thick. Instead I used epoxy glue.


However it looked horrendous, so I grabbed the softest and darkest cotton I had and made a protective strip to cover it.


Once the epoxy was cured, it’s ready to wear!


Finished product! Although it seems to droop on the mannequin, the choker was made with the client’s dimensions.

Some detail shots.